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Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on November 10, 1942, James Edward Crawford was the tenth of Malvern and Theresa’s twelve children. He graduated from Grand Rapids Central High School in 1961, received his Associates Degree from Grand Rapids Junior College in 1963, and his Bachelor of Science Degree from Central Michigan University in 1966. James’ desire to be a police officer began at a very early age. After teaching high school for four years, he fulfilled his dream in September 1970, when he joined the Detroit Police Department. He was promoted to sergeant in 1974, lieutenant in 1977, and was appointed executive lieutenant in 1986. A twenty-two year prostate cancer survivor, James received numerous awards for his work in the community helping others deal with cancer.  August 11, 2009, the mayor proclaimed it to be James Edward Crawford day in the city of Orlando and the President of the City Council presented Crawford with a formal Proclamation. The United States Congress presented him with a formal Commendation, and the godson of civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, presented him with the prestigious Rosa Parks Community Service Award. Only a few have been given out.

James E. Crawford

After waiting twenty years to fulfill his childhood dream, a Detroit cop soon realizes he has joined one of the most corrupt, racist, and brutal departments in the nation.

A Shattered Dream Reviews

February 14, 2017

I read the book and couldn’t put it down. It was funny, serious, entertaining,interesting and insightful. You’ll love it. It’s an easy read and although it is suppose to be serious and insightful, there are moments you can’t help but laugh. I LOVED IT!              Amazon Customer

March 24, 2017

Enjoyed this book. Funny with a dash of seriousness. Mr. Crawford gives you an inside look at the Detroit Police department. I recommend this book.                       Robert A. Murphy

Rookie Sergeant 1977 Rookie Patrolman 1971

     A Shattered Dream: The Cop Who Never Was, is not your ordinary cop story. It does talk about police corruption, police brutality, and racism; the personal attacks on him, and what is going on today all across America; the shooting of unarmed black men by white police officers, but it goes far beyond that.
     It’s a story of a real person, a person whose dream since the fifth grade was to be a good cop and what he had to go through to fulfill this dream. It describes in gripping detail, how and why he was never able to be the cop wanted to be, hence, the subtitle: The Cop Who Never Was.

Rookie Patrolman

Rookie Sergeant

Live Interview Broadcast in Detroit


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As I sat at my desk for the final time in the private office assigned to me at the tenth precinct, I was racking my brain trying to figure out how a career that seemed so promising ended up in disaster.
      Why am I calling it quits? I had to go back to the beginning. I mean the very beginning. I needed to examine every element and aspect of my life that created a personality and persona that my friends, family and some co-workers loved, but many of my police colleagues hated. I needed to know what role, if any, my living in a small town that was mostly white, and living in a house where expressions of love and affection were practically non-existent, had on my decision making and my semi-fastidious behavior. I needed to know why my name made the bathroom wall in nearly every precinct in the city and why so many officers could not say my name without adding at least two or three cuss words.
     Growing up, the thought of a police officer stealing, taking a bribe, falsifying a report, using dope or beating or killing a suspect simply because of the color of their skin never crossed my mind. That was not what I saw shortly after I joined.

James E. Crawford